Brief history

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Moldova (AFAM) is an NGO created in 2013 by 9 founding members and has the mission to support the growth of women's potential in entrepreneurship and management in the Republic of Moldova.

AFAM promotes the assertion of women entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions as an important factor in local and national economic development through:

  • encouraging and promoting women who want to start their own businesses;
  • supporting the development and growth of women-owned companies;
  • increasing the number of women in leadership positions at different levels;
  • contributing to the development of a favorable business ecosystem for women.

In 8 years of activity, AFAM has carried out over 250 events and projects for members and the general public, having as partners institutions, national and international business associations, external donors in the Republic of Moldova and other key actors in the business environment.

AFAM currently has over 70 members from over 20 business sectors.

AFAM leadership history:

Team 2013
President: Carmina Vicol
Board of Directors: Silvia Radu, Veronica Arpintin, Olga Melniciuc, Nadejda Vameș.

Team 2015
President: Olga Melniciuc
Board of Directors: Carmina Vicol, Silvia Radu, Veronica Arpintin, Nadejda Vameș.

Team 2017
President: Otilia Drăguțanu
Board of Directors: Olga Melniciuc, Mila Malairău, Rodica Tătaru, Natalia Chirică, Doina Ursachi, Elena Meseaț.

Team 2019
President: Angela Gladei
Board of Directors: Adriana Arnăut, Diana Boico, Cristina Condrea, Larisa Cepoi, Svetlana Bodaci, Sabina Crigan.

Team 2021
President: Angela Gladei
Board of Directors: Tatiana Mereuță, Diana Nanu, Antonina Ceban – Bejenaru, Ana Gorea, Aurelia Irodoi, Ludmila Furtuna.



Belonging to the most active community of women entrepreneurs

AFAM is a network with members from over 20 business sectors. Every month, members are invited to at least 3 business or lifestyle events and activities.

Networking, partnerships and promotion

Communication groups are set up within the Association through which you can get in touch with other members and establish partnerships. You can also benefit of the recommendations and advice of other AFAM members. At the same time, the Association organizes events in which you can promote your company's services and products, as well as distribute information materials about offers to the AFAM database.

Strengthening members' capacities

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Moldova offers its members a wide range of business and lifestyle events, through which it contributes to capacity building and their personal and professional development. They include:

  • workshops
  • coaching sessions
  • mentoring
  • trainings
  • master-classes
  • conferences etc.

Lobby and Advocacy

AFAM is a member of the Economic Council under the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, where it represents members interests and contributes to identifying solutions for the problems they face in the entrepreneurial activity. Likewise, the Association is in constant dialogue with representatives of state institutions and agencies tangential to the business environment, thus ensuring an open dialogue between the representatives of these institutions and the members of AFAM. At the same time, the members are trained in the fields of lobbying and advocacy, through which they learn how to become active and benefit from this field.

Access to all events and projects organised by AFAM

AFAM organizes over 50 business and lifestyle events annually. All the projects and activities carried out are for the benefit of the members and contain useful information for women entrepreneurs in all fields of activity and at different stages of business development.

Discounts on services and products of AFAM members and partners

AFAM is a partner in many large-scale conferences or trainings in Moldova, especially with the participation of foreign speakers. As a result of these partnerships, AFAM members benefit of discounts on the purchase of participation tickets and other products.




AFAM provides services to members and non-members at various stages of business development, such as:

  • start-up programs
  • promoting member companies and services
  • information and access to funding opportunities
  • promoting partnerships and exchanging contacts between members
  • discounts on products and services of member companies
  • discounts at partners events

Angela Gladei, AFAM President

Founder of Business Development Capital and BDC Creative

"The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Moldova is an organization that represents the voice of women who have chosen to build a business in their country, despite the difficulties they face. The association has as members professional, strong, active, visionary women, who work passionately to grow their companies and thus contribute to the well-being of their families and the development of the community. We believe in fair and ethical business, high professionalism and dedication. We want to live in a country where women and men are equally represented in business and management positions."