AFAM will implement a project to strengthen the association’s capacities

Autumn starts with good news for AFAM!

Starting September we start the capacity building project of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Moldova – AFAM, which will be implemented with the support of the East-European Foundation, from resources granted to Sweden within the project “Active Citizens, Prosperous Communities”.

The actions will focus on strengthening the professional capacities and personal development of AFAM members, developing a programme for economic empowerment of women, increasing the visibility of the action agenda according to the mission, strategic vision and objectives of the association.

AFAM’s mission: to support the growth of female entrepreneurial and managerial potential in the Republic of Moldova.

AFAM Strategic Vision: AFAM aims to create a future in which all girls and women in Moldova are seen and treated equally with men in all aspects of political, economic and social life and are recognised, well respected and truly empowered.

This project/event is being carried out by the “Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Moldova” with the support of the East European Foundation, from resources provided by Sweden.

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