Carolina Bugiaian

AFAM President
On behalf of the Moldovan Businesswomen's Association, its founders, members and the Board of Directors, I am optimistic about the role of the organization in fulfilling its mission to promote and support the growth of female entrepreneurial and managerial potential in the Republic of Moldova. My dream is that all girls and women in the Republic of Moldova will be treated equally with men in all aspects of political, economic and social life, be recognized, respected and TRULY APPRECIATED. I am confident that by joining forces with the private sector, civil society, the public sector and development partners we will succeed in building a friendlier society for female entrepreneurship and leadership to flourish and empowerment to be real. We aim to promote success stories and large-scale projects that contribute to sustainable and inclusive community development. We believe that when women have a seat at the table and their voices are heard, society will experience sustainable wealth and confidence in the future.

Board of Directors

5 Ana Gorea Manager superior Departamentul Vânzări al Companiei Switchover AG

Ana Gorea

Senior Manager Sales Department of Switchover AG

Cabinetul Avocatului "Sabina Cerbu"

Sabina Cerbu

Executive Director