According to the Statute of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Moldova
Members of the Association are entitled:

• to participate at the Association's activities;
• to elect and be elected to any eligible position of the Association;
• to participate in all the projects of the Association;
to elect and be elected in the governing bodies of the Association;
to represent the Association only on the basis of powers of attorney;
to express its opinion on the adoption of decisions regarding the activity of the Association;
• to publish works and other materials in the press body of the Association;
• to attend presentations, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other activities organized by the Association;
• to finance, including with the title of sponsorship, the activity of the Association;
• to retreat from the Association, with or without reasons.


The members of the Association are obliged:

• to comply with the provisions of this Statute, the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, the President, the Executive Director, the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova;
• to actively participate in the achievement of statutory goals;
• to pay the one-time accession fee and the membership fee on time (within 30 days, immediately after the new deadline for payment);
• in case of non-payment of the annual fee within 30 (thirty) days from the moment of the term, the membership status is automatically suspended (without notice).

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